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Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Well, I tried out Friendster today. I already had an account from a couple of months ago, but just never had the interest to do anything with it until now.

Anyway, I spent some time hanging around, finding old friends, current friends and putting up my profile. I know this is still a beta version, so it might not be perfect, but there are quite alot of annoyances, for example:

- When I tried to login, I was asked to confirm my email address. So I asked for the confirmation number to be sent to my email. Got it and entered it. Everything seems fine right? Well, the next time I tried to login, the same message came along, asking me to confirm my email address. Ok, I'm thinking maybe this is just a simple bug, so I enter it again. Little did I know that I'd have to do this almost everytime I try to login to my account, no matter whether I've checked 'Remember my Email' or not. After so many times, I've memorized my confirmation number.

- I uploaded a photo, updated my profile and it saved fine. The next thing I know, no photo and no profile. Argggghhh, just cost me a whole page worth of typing. Let's see, maybe it's just a minor bug... ooopps.. I made that mistake already, not gonna do it again. So let's just do some simple updates and see if it's fine. Turns out that sometimes it saves fine, and sometimes it doesn't. What's weird is that sometimes my photo is there and my profile is updated, the next thing you know... boom.. back to square one with no photo and blank profile, and vice versa. What's going on here?

- Tried adding a friend, got confirmed by him, and tried to look at his friends. I get this error : "... user doesn't exist". ?@##@%?^?$#@& ? If he doesn't exist, then why have that link there in the first place?

I asked around and most people just tell me that this happened to them too, and not too worry about it. So, considering it's still a beta, I'd say it's doing ok. Most of the functionality isn't affected at all by the problems I mentioned above.

Overall, more improvement necessary on saving and updating data, but in terms of what it's intended to do (connect people), I think it's going fine. I might just hang out for a couple of days and see if I can find some of my long lost friends :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Daaaarick u w@r3z/\/\a5T3R! ;-)

This is Kim ... remember me ?  

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Whoops ! I forgot to leave any contact details - What's your friendster email address ? I can try to add you my one is knl01=AT=hotmail.com replace =AT= with @ (reduce spammers)
- Kim  

Blogger Darrick said...
Hey Kim !!! Long time no see... How did you find out about this blog anyway?  

Anonymous Anonymous said...
my confirmation code from friendster has not yet send to my yahoo email.  

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