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Sunday, June 06, 2004

York University alumni survey and comments

I received a letter in the mail from York University last Friday. It's basically a letter to graduates of the Comp Sci program, asking us to put our records online and also to put in comments on how the program has impacted our lives after university.

Well, to be honest, I didn't really benefit from a York degree. Most of the stuff I learnt (humanities, social sciences etc.) were pretty useless. The only really useful courses that I took (RDBMS, OOP, Networks) could have taken me only 1 semester in a technical college or even at night school. Instead I wasted 3 years of my life in university.

I found out that after graduating from York, finding a job wasn't easy at all. Within 3 years after graduating, I had to take 2 low paying jobs (< 25K Canadian per year) before I found my current job, and that not after lots of self study and improving myself. I also found out that lots of people who took these 6 - 10 month technical college diplomas actually got hired before me.

So I posted what I thought about a York degree (not much), thinking that I'd probably be the only guy who would dare do so on the site. Little did I know that many people thought the same as me :) Check it out here (click on the comments button at the very bottom of the page).

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hi Blogger, I saw a page listed in a profile at www.SchoolBuddies.com. that talked about Finding Old Friends and somehow it sent me here. I'll check out your site while I'm here. Have a good day. See ya.. Dave.  

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