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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Got a Gmail account

Ok, due to a spur of the moment, I actually went to Ebay and bought myself 5 invites to Google's Gmail. After trying it for a bit, I find that it still has some delays here and there when performing operations, but it looks that it has lots of interesting features, like the conversations, labels and stars.
I'm still gonna keep trying out the different features, but it looks good so far.

On another note, Spymac also has lots of cool features, such as free hosting, blogging, forums etc. And one thing I just noticed is the "auto preview" feature (the one where you hover your mouse over the subject in Inbox, and it shows you the message). I totally enjoyed that feature, and wished that Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail would do the same thing. Maybe in the future.

So, it seems like all the big names are joining in giving us lots of free webspace. I guess it's partly because storage space is becoming so cheap nowadays, and also partly competition between these companies. I can only say: "competition rules !!!" :)

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