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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Scary incident

On Thursday night, I was driving on the 401 going to Church for music practice. This was after a whole day of snow, and freezing raing, so the road conditions were pretty bad. Well, little did I know I was going to get quite a scare.

Just before entering the 400, there is a bit of a slope on the 401. Now usually, going at about 100K/hr, I have no problems at all. But this day, the road was really, really, really (you get the point) slippery, and lots of vehicles were moving slowly. So in the middle of the climb, my car gets stuck and can't move forward or backward. Usually, just the blinkers will take care of this while I try do something. Imagine my shock when I see in front of me a trailer that has the same problem as me, except... it was actually sliding back towards me !!!

So somehow in panic, I manage to move left a bit, and get halfway through before my car gets stuck again, right in the middle of the 401, blocking 2 right lanes. All the while the trailer was sliding back and appeared to be on collision course with the rear end of my car. A prayer and fleeting moment of panic later, the truck stopped, and I still couldn't move.

To make the story short, a police cruiser came by to assist me, and salt trucks came and cleared the road ahead of me. Apparently I wasn't the only one this happened to, according to the news, there were almost 100 incidents on the highway that night. I really thought there was nothing more dangerous than driving in Indonesia, now I stand corrected.

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