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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Waiting 2 months for a paycheck

I'm a freelance translator / interpreter with 2 Toronto agencies. I have been doing it for a couple of years now, and even though it's not a full time income, it's pretty good pay when there are jobs. The one agency I'm with (All Languages) is a great agency to freelance with, and I get most of my assignments from them.

The other one (I won't mention them here because it's gonna reflect quite badly on them) has a few assignments here and there. I did 2 translations for them in April, and sent them the invoices within 1 day after finishing my assignments. Now, normally with All Languages, I'd get paid the first week of the next month, but with this other agency, somehow up until now (2nd week of June) I still haven't received my paycheck yet. I already called up the person who usually gives me the assignments in May, and she told me that I should have it by the end of May. Well it's the second week of June already, and I still don't have the payment for those 2 assignments.

I realize that it's not really a huge amount, but it shows how unprofessional this agency is. If I don't get my paycheck at the end of this month, maybe I'll just release the name of this agency so that people know how they treat their freelancers.
Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Free 1Gb Email

I was just browsing weblogs.asp.net and found this link to Spymac.com, which provides free 1Gb email, 100 Megs of web space and lots more.

So if you need an email account that gives you lots of space, drop by there and register.

!@#$% Car insurance in Ontario

Holy crap !!! My car insurance broker just emailed me, saying that my premium which was at a ridiculous $313 a month would have to go up to $477 with the same company. He found me another one at $350.

I'm just venting here, but what the heck is going on with car insurance in Ontario? The government said that the rates were supposed to go down all over the place, and this is what happens to someone who's trying to do the right thing by driving safely etc? I realize that I have a suspension on my abstract (driving with a G1, although I had an International License at the time), but it's gonna expire in January. I haven't had any accident or claims within the last god knows how many years, my record is gonna disappear in a couple of months, and they decide to increase my rates ? WTH ?!#@$#@$^$#&&$#%&$

They call me 'high risk', but what risk do I have? No accidents, no claims since I've been driving in Canada? Alright, I drove with a G1, but what has that got to do with risk? (I had an international license for crying out loud + I've been driving outside Canada for more than 7 years). Does this make any sense to anybody?

Man, I can just hope that one day insurance companies will somehow have to suffer for what they're doing to their customers right now.
Tuesday, June 08, 2004

House for sale

Well, our house is officially on the market. If anyone is interested or knows anybody who'd be interested in buying a house in Mississauga, ON - Canada, please let me know. We put it on the listing through an agent yesterday, and already a couple of people seem interested. So, hopefully it'll be a quick sell.
Sunday, June 06, 2004

York University alumni survey and comments

I received a letter in the mail from York University last Friday. It's basically a letter to graduates of the Comp Sci program, asking us to put our records online and also to put in comments on how the program has impacted our lives after university.

Well, to be honest, I didn't really benefit from a York degree. Most of the stuff I learnt (humanities, social sciences etc.) were pretty useless. The only really useful courses that I took (RDBMS, OOP, Networks) could have taken me only 1 semester in a technical college or even at night school. Instead I wasted 3 years of my life in university.

I found out that after graduating from York, finding a job wasn't easy at all. Within 3 years after graduating, I had to take 2 low paying jobs (< 25K Canadian per year) before I found my current job, and that not after lots of self study and improving myself. I also found out that lots of people who took these 6 - 10 month technical college diplomas actually got hired before me.

So I posted what I thought about a York degree (not much), thinking that I'd probably be the only guy who would dare do so on the site. Little did I know that many people thought the same as me :) Check it out here (click on the comments button at the very bottom of the page).

Trying to install dotText

I've been trying to install dotText, a .NET based blogging tool created by Scott Watermasysk.

I found it easy to install on my own computer for testing, but impossible to configure on my web hosting provider. Not sure what I'm doing wrong at all, I've used the same web.config as on my machine (with server values changed of course), and yet dotText refuses to work.

I've posted my problem here. If anyone can help me it'd be greatly appreciated.

House cleaning

Oh wow, that was one hectic week. We had to move out of the house while it was being painted for a couple of days, and when all was clear, had to clean up a huge mess and put back all the furniture and stuff.

That took a lot out of me. Probably the only time I'd ever paint where I live as long as I live.

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