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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Packed weekend

Whew, a tiring weekend last week was, and yet it was quite interesting. At work, last week was pretty good; I managed to talk to a couple of people regarding .NET development projects. I also am working on a Cognos Impromptu project for a client. He's seen the prototype and says that he's impressed with it. So, I'm learning new things as I go, and am starting to enjoy my work even more now. The only thing I can say I'm not happy with is how much taxes are taken out of my pay every 2 weeks :)
On Friday night, I met a buddy of mine, David from high school. We went to HS back in Wollongong, Australia and have kept in touch since. He also visited me 7 years ago when I was in Hawaii. He's in Montreal right now and visited Toronto for the weekend. I picked him up at the airport and had dinner and caught up on lots of stuff. That was kinda nice.
On Saturday I took my wife and son to a shopping mall in the morning, and went to a friend's house far in the East end for a cell group meeting and BBQ. Surprisingly it only took 40 minutes, since there wasn't really any heavy traffic anywhere. Lots of good food, had a great time with friends.
Sunday, after coming back from Church, we managed to get a decent nap in the afternoon. I met Dave again in the evening for some dinner (he was leaving Sunday night) and more reminiscing of old times :)
This weekend has been a mixed week. I'm pretty happy with work since I'm getting really comfortable with Cognos Impromptu, and making progress learning new things. As well, I'm having a bit of time improving my .NET skills, testing out Remoting and Threading. Maybe I'll be able to go for my MCAD.NET after all in the near future. The only sad thing is my wife and son might be heading back to Indonesia for a couple of months in October, for her brother's wedding. I can't go because I just started work, so it'll be kinda lonely if they do go. Well, my wife deserves a vacation after all she's been through, taking care of our kid all day, and generally feeling very tired every day. I'll still miss them a lot though.
Well, that was my week and a bit. Hope to post some more soon.

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