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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Coffee is really addicting ... really !

I never really liked coffee before, never believed it when people said coffee would be addicting. So one day, I was strolling thru the mall, and innocently purchased a white mocca at Second Cup. "Hey, this doesn't taste half bad", I thought to myself and then thought nothing more.

Well, a month later, I'm buying white mocca's at Starbucks, Second Cup, and wherever else I can find one. What has gotten into me? Somehow the taste really makes me enjoy it very much, and the cold weather doesn't help either I guess.

Even now, I find myself thinking of coffee after meals. I think I better start restraining myself before this becomes a full blown addiction, because it's kinda expensive :)

People, be careful of coffee, it's addicting (as if anybody doesn't know this already)

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