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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Cool map from Google

Google has released a beta of their mapping technology. I've just tried it out, and it looks pretty cool. You can drag around the map, zoom in up to street level, and when it does find directions to and from a place, each line of direction can be clicked on, and the map will highlight and zoom into the corner/street you have to travel.

It finds some places, but some places still don't show up yet. I guess that's why it's still in Beta. But it's really a nice tool that Google came up with, keep up the good work guys.

Blogger kanitha said...
hey man, i am comming to canada in a month!! i'm going to toronto for spring break any suggestions on where to go at night??? i mean i love the bar (i'm 19) and club scene any suggestions??? are canadians shy?? i don't know i just think they are!!!  

Blogger Darrick said...
I'm not really a club scene kinda guy, but there's a couple of good ones downtown. The only one that comes to mind right now would be The Docks.. maybe u could get more info online about that.

Canadians? Shy? Don't think so :)  

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