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Monday, February 07, 2005

Engineering ring conspiracy theory

I'm not an engineering grad, I'm actually a Computer Science grad, so I don't have these rings that all the engineering graduates have. Two of my best budies whom we shall call W and P, are actually engineering graduates, and I've recently encountered some funny things related to these rings, that brings up my engineering ring conspiracy theory.

Last week, W went to buy the ring. I asked him why, and he told me that he lost his last one. This is his 4th ring since he graduated, the 3 previous ones got lost. I also found out that P also has lost his ring twice. This of course made me take jabs at them as to why they would spend $30 for a ring that would get lost anyway; they might as well give me the money so that I could spend it for them, wouldn't that be a better idea? :). I argued that if they kept losing the ring, then it must not be that important for them, and thus just learn to live without the ring. I also suggested that if it indeed keeps getting lost during winter, when the finger shrinks due to cold, to get 2 rings: 1 for summer and 1 for winter.

Alas, W ignored my pleas and went to spend this $30 and buy another ring. Fast forward to last Sunday, and he showed me his finger without a ring (we went snow tubing on Saturday), while also saying something about 'Murphy's Law'. Do I really need to state the obvious here? Can you guess what happened in 2 days since he purchased the ring?

*** Insert slow signs of recognition here and then laugh histericaly ***

(Yes, he lost it again)

Ehm, I do feel sorry for him, and I couldn't help but make fun of this in front of him. It was just so ... coincidental... which brings me to my theory:
These rings are designed so that they will fall off your finger without you noticing it, so that every now and then, you will have to spend $30 on them for replacements.
I was told that there are around 100,000 engineering grads in Ontario, and W took a conservative estimate that say 50,000 of them lose rings annually. That's 50,000 x $30 = $1.5 Million a year!!! I'm betting that most of the engineering grads have lost their rings, and that they've had to purchase at least 1 replacement since graduation. Now you tell me if this does not sound like a conspiracy :)

On a side note, I've come up with a name for a ring for Computer Science graduates:

Roas'iT = Ring of Advanced Species in Technology

How does that sound? :)

Blogger Arza said...
tsk tsk tsk.. talking about kicking a guy when he is down... shame on you :P  

Anonymous Anonymous said...
:) sorry W ... couldn't help it .. it's so tragic, I had to laugh at it  

Blogger m@rC3L said...
ahahahaha....so hilarious!! :D :D :D
felt so sorry for what happened to Mr. W's engineering newly purchased ring...

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