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Monday, February 21, 2005

*ha-choo* - bless you ... *cough cough* - robitussin

The person who came up with the robitussin cough ads should really get a huge promotion and pay raise. In my opinion, this ad is one that will live in lots of people's minds for a long time to come, and bring lots of profit and sales to the makers of Robitussin.

Of course many of you have seen a couple of the ads, where someone coughs and another says 'Robitussin ... it's bless you for coughs'. It's been running for awhile, and I see it around me, workplace, church, people on the commute. When someone coughs, they would say 'Robitussin'. I've seen many ads, and don't remember most of them after while, but this is kinda hard to forget.

In some way, although we all know that it's just an ad, you would try it the next time you get a cough won't you? Just because of that ad. I know I did :)

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