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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Argh, what should I work as next?

I'm almost at the end of my 1st year rotation in the OIP, so I have to submit my preferences for my next position. I really wanted to stay at my current position because my skillset is a perfect match in this position (C#, ASP.NET, web, database, business analysis), but apparently we're not allowed to choose the same assignment for our second assignment.

So right now I'm kinda confused as to where I want to go next. What I prefer is to get into project management to expand my skills portfolio, but the only PM related position is a coordinator, which I assume means lots of administrative and paperwork. Dunno if I wanna get into that; I've emailed some people to ask for more details about the position. There are many positions to choose from, none related to what I want to do: .NET Web Development (the only one being the one I'm currently in, and I can't choose this one grrrr....).

Here's the list that I've narrowed down to, some are good because of the work, and some because of the location (Eaton Centre baby!!!), any comments and input welcome (I've asked 2 of my good buddies to eliminate some of these based on how cool they sound... what a way to select my next job eh? :) )

- Knowledge Management
- Project Management Office Co-ordinator
- Methodology and Architecture
- IT-SM Analyst
- Application Architect
- IT Security Architect
- Business / IT Performance Framework
- IT-IL Implementation

Well, at the end of my next assignment, I'll have 5 years total experience mixed with so many different things, I won't know if I'm an expert at anything at all. I guess being a jack of all trades and ace of none is my career path :)

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Blogger m@rC3L said...
ckckck..jack of all trades eh...
anyhow, about the fantasy nba playoff...better watch out next year!!!huehuehue...

Blogger Darrick said...
ahhaha. .next year .. bring it on !
this year u can replace me an be leastern conference champs :)  

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