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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Indonesian bloggers

Wow, didn't know there were that many Indonesians who were blogging. A google on 'Indonesia blog' or 'Indonesian blogs' reveal lots of results and links to them. I was very ignorant in thinking that blogging was somehow more popular in western countries. Oh well, good mind opener :)

How did I find out about this? I was looking at the 2005 bloggies, and looked at one of the nominations for Asian blog of the year. Found this blog and was quite surprised to find that the owner is actually an Indonesian living in Waterloo, Canada :). Even more fun was discovering that she'd won 4 bloggies during the last few years.

Maybe the Indonesian bloggers in Canada should start a community, just to know how many there are? Anybody interested?

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Anonymous Mr Kiasu said...
I think there are plenty of Malaysian bloggers too. Though we mainly blog about our daily lifes, maybe you can get a better audience by knowing more ppl from forums?

But i can see that you already have 3 subscriber. Many ppl read but they are lazy to comment, i think that is one of my main problem earlier too.  

Blogger Evi said...
Huh? Indonesian blog hyped during late last year. Where have you been? *j/k*

I saw a blog about coffee, about translator's life, etc. All made by Indonesian. Most of the blog are leastly compelling due to the lack of design ability, unfortunately.

My friends usually blog about Japanese stuff tho, I posted my daily life. :)


Blogger saRah said...
everyother tom, dick, and harry blogs now. it's good being able to read all these original pieces/posts for free.


Blogger Darrick said...
Thanks for visiting my blog guys, always great to meet new people.  

Anonymous mrkiasu said...
Darrick, we can share more of our online friends mah. As you go on, i am sure you will be very suscessful one.  

Anonymous Lala said...
Ya.. where have you been? :P
We got Indonesian Blogger community and this year gonna celebrate the 3rd anniversary.  

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