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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Starbucks ... great service

I just came back from the nearest Starbucks from my office. I went to get a grande White Chocolate Mocca and paid my 5 bucks to the cashier. I the proceeded to wait for my beverage. A few moments later, the server told me that they're out of White chocolate and if he could make me another drink. I asked for a regular mocca, and guess what, he told me that the drink would be on the house because they ran out of what I wanted !!!.

I say that's great customer service on their behalf. I would have been ok without the refund, but by doing this, Starbucks probably just got a repeat customer who'd spread good words about the company. So, way to go Starbucks, great job.

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Anonymous Brandon said...
There was once i went down to starbucks (obviously to buy a coffee) and guess what, when i tried to pay by visa, their visa machine was down. Even though I had cash on hand, they still gave me the coffee free.  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous joseph said...
Darrick, I am writing a book in conjunction with Starbucks and would like to use your story in the book. Could you contct me joseph@lessonsforsuccess.com or through my website www.starbuckstories.com.....Thanks joseph  

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