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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Tax time

Hey everyone, it's tax time again. Just a friendly reminder that if you haven't done your income tax return, you should do it now. There are a few Canadian tax packages that allow you to file your income tax with Netfile, some of them are free for those with income lower than a certain amount. You can find out what these are at the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency website.

I used to file my income tax through Telefile, after doing the calculations manually, but this year decided to try out e-filing. Tried out a couple of tax packages (UFile, TaxTron, Taxman), and went with TaxTron since it allowed me to file coupled returns (ie. spousal returns are linked) for free. I also found UFile online to be very easy to use, but unfortunately my income was above its threshold for free use.

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