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Friday, June 03, 2005

Breakthrough pilot day 2

Hi everyone, yours truly reporting on day 2 progress (yesterday).

Tell 2 people: Emailed 2 of my buddies, W & P about participation in pilot, asking them to comment and see if I've made progress in 2 weeks.

- Posted blog entry on day 1
- Research various ways of making income, found out that most are a combination of these: ads, affiliates, paid surveys/surfing & selling products through online stores.
- Unexpectedly went in depth looking at a few affiliates projects (SFI & GDI) instead of waiting for day 4 as was in my plan :).

- Emailed Jeremy from Ensight my 3 questions.
- Emailed Rob from Team Y about possibility of sharing information, as we have very similar goals.

I'm a bit swamped with things to do right now, so I might catch up on another post later on to update if there's any results that came in from my requests/actions.

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Blogger cun2x said...

Your post is a bit screwed up, the newest post shows at the bottom of the page, while the upper page is empty. Hope you understand what I'm talking about! :)  

Blogger Darrick said...
whoaaaa... thanks for that Cun... I've been using Firefox & Opera too much.. didn't notice what happens on IE... will fix it.. thanks again  

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