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Monday, June 06, 2005

Breakthrough pilot day 5

This was a slow day, I missed one action. Had lots of things going on a Sunday and had to cut down on some time working. Managed to get some reading done though, and couple of great ideas. Oh, and I've managed to veer out of my plan for the week again :)

Here's a summary of what I did on day 5:
- Emailed D & A.
- Emailed Duncan Riley of Blogherald.com and Weblog Empire.
- Read more about affiliate marketing & networks.

Ideas that came into mind:
- Join blogging network to build traffic eg. Weblog Empire, but need good topic to write on.
- { I'll keep this one a secret for awhile :) }
- Offer product from Indonesia to one of the affiliate marketing systems that sell products online (high consumer base).

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