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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

NBA Finals

Just thought a break from posting about the project would be nice here.

The Pistons beat the Heat last night and are going to meet the Spurs in the finals.

Some thoughts:
- My prediction: Spurs in 6 games, due to the extra week rest and easier series.
- Even if Dwayne Wade had played game 6 & 7 at full strength, and Shaq didn't have that thigh bruise, I still doubt Miami could beat the Pistons, they're just too balanced & have a toughness of a championship team.
- Scores like 65 - 60 can be expected, after all these are 2 great defensive teams.
- Chauncey Billups at clutch will be matched by Manu Ginobili at clutch, these two players are ice cold in critical moments.
- When will the Raptors ever be in the Finals?

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Blogger cun2x said...
65 or 60? *snore* I think Spurs can play much more up tempo now. :) it'll be a fun series though. prediction: spurs in 6 too.  

Blogger m@rC3L said...
haiyah...since everyone is rooting for the spurs...then I'm goin to give my support for the holders... :D
my prediction: Pistons in game 7 :P  

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