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Friday, June 03, 2005

Reasons I procrastinate

This morning, while waiting for the train, I suddenly came to a realization as to why I tend to procrastinate a lot. This thought came up while I was thinking of some of the questions during our 2 week project.

The 2 main foundations of me procrastinating were:
- The tendency to have lots of ideas, and not enough action (stargazing), which in turn causes another problem:
- The habit build over the years to postpone things that has seems to take too much work.

I don't know how long this habit has been built, but this morning while I was thinking of different ways of making income online, things to do at work, and actions to take, suddenly, by default I shut down all thinking and put it out of mind immediately because there's just too much things to do. But because I've been asked where I am in the breakthrough model (Low F Low A, Low F High A, High F Low A, High F High A : F = focus, A = action), I came to realization that I needed to breakthrough this habit.

So my resolution from the realization is this:
- To not shut out automatically whenever there's overwhelming amounts of info / tasks to do, but tackle them one at a time.
- To learn to focus on the most important things to do / prioritize, and take action to solve the problem at hand.

I've found that if I focus and take action on a seemingly large important problem (had a work-related project like this last week), I find more motivation to solve this as I go on and become stronger in determination.

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Blogger cun2x said...

It's pretty cool how we came up to the same realization today. :) I emailed Lisa about the exact same thing, and here is what she has to say. Hopefully it will help you as much as it helps me.


I can’t be specific as I don’t know what’s on your list and how much time they will take. But in general:

Separate the “nice to do” from the “need to do.” Only do as much “nice to do” as you have the time an energy for. Focus on what’s critical first. Ask for help - is there anything that your school can help you with?

You may need both a short term and long term list. If you have a lot to do before you can qualify for your dream job, then perhaps you should think about what the best interim job might look like.

Do whatever you can to push aside the “overwhelm” conversation and
self-talk as it will get in your way. You are embarking on the next
phase of your journey, so there will be lots of things to consider and more possibilities than you have time to explore. Try to enjoy this time and let it be more fluid, less like pressure.

Feeling pressure and stress is a choice. It comes from wanting to do a great job and perhaps perfectionism, but it is still a choice and you can instantly choose not to feel pressure or stress. Just let it go. The fact that you have so much going on right now is natural and good.

I would come out of the rabbit hole and assess what’s most important. It is not uncommon for technical people, who excel in the detail, to also get downed by it!

That’s my 2 cents!

Lisa Haneberg  

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I think 'Getting things done' by David Allen is a great approach for us stargazers. It takes discipline, but put everything in the in-tray, and then process it! :-)  

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