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Saturday, March 05, 2005

IKEA Gift Certificate

Anybody wanna buy an IKEA gift cert? We got it as part of our condo purchase deal, and after purchasing a sofa and a few other things, there's still lot left in it. Contact me if you want it... or even if you're going to IKEA to buy something , let me know so I can lend you my gift card, and you just pay me :)
Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Vanilla ice cream & Pontiac's

Didn't think something like this could be true. Amazing...
Monday, February 28, 2005

One of those days...

*Sigh* ... it looks like the beginning of one of those days... Let's start this rant session shall we.

I've had this annoying cough for almost a week and a half now. It seemed like I was getting better last week, but it just got worse. My son and I went to the doctor on Friday (my son also had the cough), and the doctor prescribed us some medicine that was supposed to help make us drowsy at night to sleep better. Well, the medicine for my son seems to be working, as he's been sleeping well the last few days, but mine just doesn't help. Instead of sleeping well, the last 3 days, I've been coughing all night. My chest and stomach hurt from too much coughing, and last night was the worst. I went in to bed at 11, woke up at 12 coughing, tried to sleep at 12.30, woke up at 1 coughing, and repeat the pattern until about 4 before I could get a bit of sleep. The alarm went off at 6, contemplated calling the day off, but decided to go to work anyway.

On the GO train, the coach that arrived turned out to be the disabled coach, which had a lot less seats on the main deck, so being Monday and all, no seats were available. What's annoying about this? Well, normally the coach where I get on is a normal coach, and I can get seats and have a bit of a nap on the way to work. So, I had so stand all the way for about 25 minutes ... or so I thought. 5 minutes before we arrived at Union, the train stopped. We were informed that there were signal problems at Union, and people were working on it. We were stranded for about 40 minutes !!! In between, a lady fainted (note to everyone: eat your breakfast, and don't put on too much layers of clothing in a packed environment with little air circulation), and at the end many people simultaneously talked on their cells informing employers about the wonders of a GO transit commute. My knees and feet were hurting, and I was really cranky, but tried to understand that technical problems occur on trains.

When we finally got to Union, the door barely opened, when this girl just cut in front of me, seemingly in a rush to go nowhere!!! since in front of me there was a jam of people trying to get out. I understand people cutting off others when there's a clear passage going somewhere in front of the other person, but this was a slow moving line for crying out loud, what could you do but annoy the heck out of me by doing this? It's not like you're gonna get to the office 5 minutes faster or anything, and everyone's at least 30 minutes late to wherever they were going. Argh, don't know how that person's brain was working.

Final straw this morning, I was going to the washroom when I saw a fellow lady worker trying to find her card to get in our building. She saw me, and just like calling a waiter, lifted her finger to notify me to open the door from inside for her. Being a gentlemen, I smiled and pushed the button to open the door. She tried opening the door from outside, but having so many bags on her hand, fumbled at it. I helped her push the door open, and lo and behold... she walked past me, no thank you, no good morning and no gesture whatsoever. Oh my goodness, what is this world becoming? I don't expect to be paid or anything, but was that rude or what? I looked her name up in the address book, and she was supposed to be a missions critical senior consultant. I don't know how you could meet clients with such an attitude and expect them to work with you. Felt like just confronting her with a 'hey! where's your manners?', but decided to hold my peace.

Hope everybody else's week has a better beginning than mine.

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