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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Like... ummm.. like... u know ...

It's very interesting to hear the conversations going around these days. I notice that the younger generation (ie. about 20 - 25 and below) tend to speak using the words in the title a lot.

For example, this morning while I was on the train trying to nap before coming to work (left office at 9 pm last night, application rollout that was supposed to take 2 hrs max ended up taking 4 hrs, thanks to one of IE's 'features' :) ). I sat next to and diagonally across two people who were having a conversation, and to my amazement when one of them talked, she used the word 'like' twice or three times in a single sentence. Throughout the conversation, in every sentence she had, I noticed that again and again.

I've noticed this quite a lot in conversations around me, sometimes it's the word 'like', sometimes it's 'u know', and lots of times there's 'ummm...'s here and there, and just makes me wonder why this has become such a habit in society? Like is it something we learn at school ummm, u know, maybe like ummm ... words we use to fill in the blanks when we're not too sure what to say? Umm... probably because it's like a filler while we try to come up with something to say, u know?

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