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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Breakthrough pilot day 3

On day 3, here's some of the things I did:

- Emailed Darren Rowse from ProBlogger.net. Update: Darren is going out of town for 1 month, follow up in July.
- Found some people to contact who’re making money through blogs.
- Emailed Steve Hall from Adrants.com.
- Emailed Darren Barefoot from Darrenbarefoot.com.
- Emailed H&A.

A couple of ideas surfaced after much thought yesterday:
- Run affiliate sites such as SFI & GDI.
- Run content/blog sites and put up ads & affiliate links such as Amazon.
- Run pay per click affiliates.

I think I'm going to test out a couple of strategies when I start my action week. Another key point is that I need to come up with my niche market. Still not sure what this will be, need to brainstorm (thanks Thomas for the suggestion).

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Friday, June 03, 2005

Reasons I procrastinate

This morning, while waiting for the train, I suddenly came to a realization as to why I tend to procrastinate a lot. This thought came up while I was thinking of some of the questions during our 2 week project.

The 2 main foundations of me procrastinating were:
- The tendency to have lots of ideas, and not enough action (stargazing), which in turn causes another problem:
- The habit build over the years to postpone things that has seems to take too much work.

I don't know how long this habit has been built, but this morning while I was thinking of different ways of making income online, things to do at work, and actions to take, suddenly, by default I shut down all thinking and put it out of mind immediately because there's just too much things to do. But because I've been asked where I am in the breakthrough model (Low F Low A, Low F High A, High F Low A, High F High A : F = focus, A = action), I came to realization that I needed to breakthrough this habit.

So my resolution from the realization is this:
- To not shut out automatically whenever there's overwhelming amounts of info / tasks to do, but tackle them one at a time.
- To learn to focus on the most important things to do / prioritize, and take action to solve the problem at hand.

I've found that if I focus and take action on a seemingly large important problem (had a work-related project like this last week), I find more motivation to solve this as I go on and become stronger in determination.

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Breakthrough pilot day 2

Hi everyone, yours truly reporting on day 2 progress (yesterday).

Tell 2 people: Emailed 2 of my buddies, W & P about participation in pilot, asking them to comment and see if I've made progress in 2 weeks.

- Posted blog entry on day 1
- Research various ways of making income, found out that most are a combination of these: ads, affiliates, paid surveys/surfing & selling products through online stores.
- Unexpectedly went in depth looking at a few affiliates projects (SFI & GDI) instead of waiting for day 4 as was in my plan :).

- Emailed Jeremy from Ensight my 3 questions.
- Emailed Rob from Team Y about possibility of sharing information, as we have very similar goals.

I'm a bit swamped with things to do right now, so I might catch up on another post later on to update if there's any results that came in from my requests/actions.

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Breakthrough pilot day 1

Ok, so yesterday was day 1 of the breakthrough pilot. My 2 actions for yesterday were:
- Create a plan for the research week
- Come up with 3 questions to ask successful people in the industry.

So, here's the 3 questions that I've come up with:
1. Would you be able to share some of the lessons you have learnt during your time in this business?

2. How long did it take you to build up your business to the point of achieving pretty good income?

3. Would you be able to recommend other people that I should also talk to, to get some more insight and knowledge about being successful online?

and here's the research week plan (names of people to tell are cut off to protect the innocent :), but those are real people that I've decided to contact on each day):

Day 1:
Action 1 = Build plan for first week (Research phase)
Action 2 = Prepare list of 3 questions to send to people I need to know

Day 2:
Action 1 = Find some initial names of people to contact
Action 2 = Research various ways of getting income online

Tell 1 = W
Tell 2 = P
Tell 3 = Blogging this

Request 1 = J
Request 2 = Result from action 1

Day 3:
Action 1 = Obtain names of people making money through blogging
Action 2 = Research some blogging platforms

Tell 1 = H
Tell 2 = A

Request: Results from action 1

Day 4:
Action 1 = Obtain names of people making money through affiliates
Action 2 = Research how affiliates work and requirements

Tell 1 = R
Tell 2 = D

Request: Results from action 1

Day 5:
Action 1 = Obtain names of people making money through portals / selling products online
Action 2 = Research e-commerce packages available, requirements, and cost of buying

Tell 1 = A
Tell 2 = D

Request: Results from action 1

Day 6:
Action 1 = Think of names for site/business & see if they’re still available
Action 2 = Find out if there are other options of making money online and research them

Tell 1 = R
Tell 2 = A

Request: Referrals from previous requests

Day 7:
Action 1 = Decide on which method to go with
Action 2 = Decide on site name
Action 3 = Think of designers for site (A, P, B, designoutpost.com…)

Tell 1 = H
Tell 2 = T

Request (design cost + availability of designer)
1. A
2. P
3. B

Day 8:
Action 1 = Build plan for 2nd week (Action week)

There you go, please feel free to suggest on different things I should venture to research and people to contact. The plan is open to change, and ditto for the 3 questions.

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2 weeks to a breakthrough

I'm currently participating in a pilot program called 2 weeks to a breakthrough. In the beginning I didn't really want to participate since I thought I don't even have 1 hour a day for myself between work and spending time with my wife and kid, but yet I ended up signing up, thinking that I would gladly sacrifice an hour a day of my sleep to actually do something instead of just having these ideas in my head and never actually do anything about it.

The overall goal that I've set for myself is this:
To have my own online/web based business/venture that allows me to work for myself, achieving financial freedom.

Why I want to do this?
So I can spend more time with my family and have a lifestyle that builds up a strong family.

Within the 2 weeks, I hope to start this journey, deciding on what form of business I'm going to do, register domain names, hosting companies and decide on products & target markets. To do this, I've decided to split the 2 weeks into research week and action week. The research week will be focused on researching available methods of making money online, thinking and deciding domain name & hosting companies, getting to know people who are successful in such ventures, and making connections. The action week would be where I'd start registering the domain names, signing up for hosting companies, setting up the sites etc. Of course, this plan is quite flexible and open to change, so the details will be posted in another post after this one.

So, throughout the next 2 weeks or so, I'll be posting daily updates on what actions I've taken to get closer to my goal. Throughout the project, I might also post some reviews and advice that I receive from other people who've been successful in the business, depending on whether or not they consent to me posting their answers/advice.

If you have any suggestion/ideas on what I should or should not do, tips on marketing, business, technology etc, please feel free to post comments here and let me know. Anything that will keep me from being stagnant and idle is greatly welcome :)

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